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Der Internet of Everything Value Index

In 2013, Cisco conducted economic analysis and surveyed 7,500 business and IT professionals from private-sector firms in 12 of the world’s largest economies to create the Internet of Everything Value Index. This index enabled Cisco to measure the actual value realized (VR) by companies in 2013 as a share of the potential value at stake (VAS) available, the more connected their businesses become as part of the Internet of Everything (IoE).

The data presented below highlights the "IoE Score" for firms in different countries, in various industries, and of different sizes; the IoE Score is the percentage of the value at stake that is was captured, or realized. It also highlights how different types of connections – P2P, M2M, or M2P – are contributing to this value.Use the left navigation to filter the results of the IoE Value Index.

Learn more by clicking the "Survey Overview" tab in the left navigation or by hovering your cursor over the “i” in each section.